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Barbara Guest

& Laurie Reid


    2000, 40 pages

    Poems by Barbara Guest, artwork by Laurie Reid

    Book design by Robert Rossenwasser

    ISBN 0-932716-52-0



    Barbara Guest is the author of numerous books of poetry, among them The Red Gaze (Wesleyan University Press, 2005); Miniatures and Other Poems (2002), Symbiosis (1999), Defensive Rapture (1994), Fair Realism (1989), Musicality (1988), The Nude (1986), Quilts (1980), and Biography (1980). She is also the author of several plays and a novel, Seeking Air (1978). Her honors include the Robert Frost Medal for Distinguished Lifetime Achievement from the Poetry Society of America, the Longwood Award, a San Francisco State award for poetry, the Lawrence Lipton Award for Literature, the Columbia Book Award, and a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts. She lived in Berkeley, California. Guest died on February 15, 2006.


    Laurie Reid is an artist living and working in Berkeley, California. In 1998, she was the recipient of the prestigious Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Arts (SECA) Award from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and in 1999 was selected to appear in the 2000 Biennial Exhibition at the Whitney Museum in New York. Reid's art has been exhibited at The Drawing Center, The Berkeley Art Museum, and the M.H. de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.


    Special limited edition with original drawing, $200. Please inquire by email to


    Symbiosis is the subject and art of this collaborative book by poet Barbara Guest and painter Laurie Reid. In this work, Guest reflects on her commitment to the collaborative process: "When writers associate with other forms of art, symbiosis is established, as in Nature, where dissimilar organisms live productively together." The poems are printed in three-dimensional letterpress forms, while Reid's lines are lithographically reproduced, a process sympathetic to the shifts of her book-length drawing, which is brushed in water and pigment across rag papers.

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