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Rena Rosenwasser

Drawings by Kate Delos


    1986, 48 pages, 14 full color plates

    ISBN 0-932716-21-0


    Special edition numbered and signed by the artists, Smyth-sewn and bound between boards, $75. Please inquire by email to



    This collaboration grew out of a poet's and a painter's mutual fascination with Roman portraiture, especially its departure from the Greek ideal in favor of universal human types. We recognize these figures as contemporary in expression, but also as Roman citizens. Delos's sure applications of line and color capture their individual characters, dress, and ornaments in painterly snapshots, while Rosenwasser's poem fragments narrate their lives as bits of gossip and flirtation.


    Rena Rosenwasser co-founded Kelsey Street Press in 1974. Between 1987 and 2006 she initiated and produced a series of collaborations between poets and artists that further established Kelsey Street Press as the premiere and longest lived independent publisher of literature for women. She continues to work for the Press as press member and mentor. Rosenwasser’s poetry publications include Elevators (Kelsey Street Press, 2011); Taking Flight (Mayacamas Press, 1993); Unplace.Place (Leave Books, 1992); and three collaborations with artist Kate Delos: Isle (Kelsey Street Press, 1992); Aviary (Limestone Press, 1988); and Simulacra (Kelsey Street Press, 1986). Her first volume of poetry, Desert Flats, was published by Kelsey Street Press in 1979. Rosenwasser was born in New York City where she cultivated her passion for literature and the visual arts. After graduating Sarah Lawrence College in 1971, she moved to California to pursue graduate studies at Mills College where she earned her MA in literature in 1976. Currently she serves on the board of Small Press Distribution. Together with her spouse, Penny Cooper, they support and collect the work of women artists.


    Kate Delos has exhibited widely on the West Coast, as well as in the Foyer, d'Acueill in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. She lives in the Bay Area where she has taught bookmaking and painting in Bay Area schools for many years.

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