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The Rosy Medallions

The Rosy Medallions


Camille Roy


    1995, 72 pages

    ISBN 0-932716-35-0



    Camille Roy is a fiction writer, playwright, and poet. Roy’s most recent book is ​Sherwood Forest​ from Futurepoem. Other books include ​Cheap Speech​, a play from Leroy Chapbooks, and ​Craquer​, a fictional autobiography from 2nd Story Books, as well as ​Swarm​ (fiction, from Black Star Series). She co-edited ​Biting The Error: Writers Explore Narrative​ (Coach House 2005, re-issued 2010). Earlier books include ​The Rosy Medallions​ (poetry and prose, from Kelsey Street Press) and ​Cold Heaven​ (plays, from Leslie Scalapino’s O Books). Her play Bye Bye Brunhilde was produced at New Langton Arts in San Francisco and at the W.O.W. Cafe in New York. Recent work has been published in Amerarcana and Open Space, the SFMOMA blog.


    The Rosy Medallions is the second collection of writing by lesbian author and performance artist Camille Roy. These startling, witty pieces combine a playwright's keen ear for vernacular speech with a poet's compression. Every line has its physical punch.


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