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Peculiar Motions

Peculiar Motions


Rosmarie Waldrop

& Jennifer Macdonald


    1990, 48 pages

    ISBN 0-932716-26-1


    Special Edition numbered and signed by the artists with an original photocopy on Bordone and Riley Vellum, $35. Please inquire by email to




    Rosmarie Waldrop's poetry draws on the languages of geographical terrain, national histories, painting, music, the body, and the self. Her compositions change from book to book as from day to day. The peculiar motions of the title, are those of an "I" and an "eye," of a poet and a visual artist in dialogue. They define the "self" as "peculiar motions in the head and between the head and throat," a concept attributed to William James. The collaboration preserves the grace of the natural world and the mysterious orders of the ephemeral.


    Drawings by Jennifer Macdonald.


    The author of numerous books of poetry, Rosmarie Waldrop is also a highly respected translator of twentieth century writers, including Edmond Jabes and Paul Celan. For this work she has received a Harold Morton Landon Translation Award from the Academy of American Poets. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, where she teaches and co-edits Burning Deck Press with her husband, Keith Waldrop.

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