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Making the Park

Making the Park


Karen Brodine, Patricia Dienstfrey, Marina La Palma, Laura Moriarty & Rena Rosenwasser with an introduction by Susan Griffin


    1976, 48 pages

    ISBN 0-932716-01-6

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    From Susan Griffin's 1976 introduction:


    This is a collection of poetry by five women, designed by a woman, edited and printed by women, and that all this labor was done by women is no accident. When the first few anthologies of poetry by women, past and contemporary, were issued, it was generally agreed that such was a necessary solution to make up for centuries of imbalance, of book after book and journal after journal in which the work of only one (or perhaps two or three) women were published. But the anthologies and collections of women’s work continue to appear, and we who are writers are beginning to understand that it is no longer balance that is sought; it is community.


    It is not only that a wave has propelled through our lives which has moved us to speech where before there was silence; it is that in addition to seizing the right to speak, to be writers (painters, architects, athletes), we have taken upon ourselves the right to name our own experience in our own manner, with our own literary standards, and our own shape of line, plot, and sentence.


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