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Laura Beausoleil, Misha Berson, Karen Brodine, Cathy Colman, Patricia Dienstfrey, Sukey Durham, Judy Grahn, Joanna Griffin, Marina LaPalma, Cynthia MacDonald, Susan MacDonald, Fraces Mayes, Alicia Ostriker, Rena Rosenwasser, Susan Sherman, Margaret Allen Sloan, Roswell Spafford, Denise Taylor, Margaret Teague, Ulrike Birkhoff, Rachel Rosenthal, Sylvia Simpson, Hazel Slawson, Barbara Smth, Nancy Buchanan


    1976, 48 pages




    An avant-garde and collaborative project: presenting a portfolio by six Southern California performance artists and writing from 20 poets divided into two sections, “Cuts” and “Braidings”—this anthology is about hair. The simple theme yields provocative results: Beginning with a reference to Samson and Delilah, HAIR-RAISING explores how hair is about power—the socially accepted and unaccepted ways to wear one’s hair, how women feel about their hair, how people respond to changes in hair. At once personal and political, performative and literary, this is an ambitious book.



    Read more about Making the Park and HAIR-RAISING on the KSP blog.

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