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Dreams in Harrison Railroad Park

Dreams in Harrison Railroad Park


Nellie Wong


    1977, 45 pages

    ISBN 0-932716-09-1



    Nellie Wong is a poet and activist for feminist and socialist causes. She is the author of three books of poetry: Dreams in Harrison Railroad Park (Kelsey Street Press, 1977), The Death of Long Steam Lady (West End Press, 1986), and Stolen Moments (Chicory Blue Press, 1997). With poet and activist Merle Woo, Wong co-founded Unbound Feet, an Asian American feminist literary and performance group. Wong's poetry has been widely anthologized, and she has co-edited two anthologies: Voices of Color: Reports from the Front Lines of Resistence by Radicals of Color (Red Letter Press, 1999) with Yolanda Alaniz and Three Asian American Writers Speak Out on Feminism (Red Letter Press, 2003) with Merle Woo. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Wong was born in Oakland and now resides in San Francisco. 


    Nellie Wong is Lai Oy, a Chinese American coming to grips with her ancestors' heritage, symbolized by images of "gold bracelets and opal rings" and "stuffed bitter melons on a platter of dragons and clouds." Ms. Wong feels deeply and writes expressively . . . her poems flow and her thoughts provoke.

    — Judy Yung




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