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Contingent Ardor

Contingent Ardor


Denise Liddell Lawson


    2002, 63 pages

    ISBN 0932716598



    In this collection of poems about desire, Denise Liddell Lawson constructs a series of love letters through a surreal collage of compressed images. Inspired by the palimpsest principle in H.D.'s work, many of the poems overlay existing texts. Multiple voices enter through dialogues and interviews from sources as varied as voir dire between judge and jury, an Inquisition Register of Cathar heretics, Bronson Alcott's Conversations with Children on the Gospels, and Plato's SymposiumContingent Ardor beckons, eludes, retreats, returns and-miraculously, mysteriously-makes a halo over lover and beloved, mother and child, the eye and the world.


    Denise Liddell Lawson studied poetry at San Francisco State University, where she received an MFA in Creative Writing. Contingent Ardor was published by Kelsey Street Press in 2002. Her first collection of poems, Where You Form the Letter L, won the San Francisco State University Chapbook Competition, and Even the Smallest Act was published in a letterpress edition by Em Press in 1999.

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