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Biting Sun

Biting Sun


Thalia Kitrilakis


    1983, 48 pages

    ISBN 0-932716-17-2



    Thalia Kitrilakis was born in 1932 to Greek immigrant parents and grew up in Washington, Pennsylvania. She attended Goddard College and Carnegie-Mellon. She now lives in the village of Lithakia, on the island of Zakynthos, Greece, for part of every year. Her first collection of poems, Nostos, was published by Effie's Press in 1979.


    Thalia Kitrilakis's people are the land, her land the people. Not as fantasy or romance. We are reminded that even as life changes it remains very much the same; life is both possibility and limits. Our senses are awakened to the scent of the tiny thyme as well as the sea. We feel the mothers who milk the goats and watch the moon. We hear the women who know the danger of the wind as well as the measure of rose petal sweets.

    — Barbara Christian

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