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QTBIPOC Book Contest Finalists

A big thank you to all writers that submitted manuscripts to Kelsey Street Press’s first QTBIPOC prize. We are overjoyed to have read so many compelling and subversive submissions.

Kelsey Street’s editorial team had a difficult time narrowing down the 120+ submissions to the final seven, which speaks to the quality of all the work submitted. Indeed, Metta Sáma, this year’s judge, has much to deliberate.

We wish the following seven finalists much luck and look forward to announcing a winner of the prize in the coming weeks.

jayy dodd, Getting Hungry

Jai Dulani, Language We Fall Through

Mihee Kim, Nomenclature

Vuyelwa Maluleke, Falling Towards the Centre

Ansley Moon, Register the Missing

Maggie Rhee-Reclamation or My Body Instead

Ximena Keogh Serrano, The Glow in Our Spilling

Kelsey Street Press' QTBIPOC Contest is a free book contest open to a QTBIPOC-identified feminist, innovative writer/poet. The winning manuscript will be chosen by Metta Sáma, author of Swing at your own risk (Kelsey Street Press, 2019). The prize winner will receive publication along with a $1,000.00 cash award to help aid in book promotion, travel, event attendance, and a general contribution to the hopes of thriving as an artist. Along with book publication and cash prize, Ching-in Chen, winner of the 2018 Lambda Literary Award for Best Transgender Poetry for recombinant (Kelsey Street Press, 2017), will serve as editor along with a Kelsey Street Press collective member.

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