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Honoring Ken Keagan

Updated: Feb 22

The members of Kelsey Street Press wish to honor the memory of Ken Keagan who died at home on October 10th after a long illness and to extend our deep sympathy to Rusty Morrison. She and Ken were partners in life and in the founding and running of Omnidawn Press. Through their combined energies and gifts, the press soon became a star in our local literary scene and throughout the United States’ small press world. Ken and Rusty made Omnidawn into a model of the small literary press as a community builder. They created a network of commonly unrelated parts through the variety of genres they brought out and through their weekly digest’s listings of literary events, publications, readings, resources and political issues that regularly touch writers’ lives. The tables they supplied with superb food and wine made their book launches true celebrations. Their combined passion for books, writing and writers became, in time, Omnidawn’s and the small press community’s shared heartbeat. When Ken was in hospice, friends set up a Go-Fund-Me site to help pay the expenses of his prolonged medical care. We are posting a link to the site as there is a continuing need to be filled: Rusty has written in a public statement that Ken’s “greatest hope was that Omnidawn will thrive after his death.” We are grateful to Ken for this wish and for his part in Omnidawn's unique vision. It has made a difference. Without it, the small press community would be poorer in our literature and sense of possibility.

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